Those of you who know us, will know how important wines are to us. You'll find a lovingly chosen list of both new and old world wines from impeccable vintners, and we always keep a selection of inspirational Italian labels to honour Lino's homeland.

We have wines specifically chosen for their fine balance when served with fish, including favourites like Chablis and Gavi. We have some wonderfully succulent reds including a fruity Pinot Noir and an intense Squinzano, and you'll find a lovely offering of pudding wines too.

We couldn't resist keeping our fabulous Prosecco on the list, it really is exceptional. We have a fabulous Franciacorta (the Italian equivalent of Champagne) and, of course, Bolly for those who really want to push the boat out.

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Wines by the glass are available in 125ml | 175ml | 250ml


1. Prosecco   5.55 | 7.75 | -
2. Rosé Spumante   5.55 | 7.75 | -


10. Trebbiano   3.45 | 4.85 | 6.90
13. Rioja Blanco   4.45 | 6.20 | 8.90
15.  Pinot Grigio   4.90 | 6.85 | 9.80
18. Sauvignon Blanc   5.20 | 7.30 | 10.40


30. Chiraetto Rosato  4.05 | 5.65 | 8.10
31. Pinot Grigio Rosé 4.20 | 5.90 | 8.40



35.  Sangiovese   3.45 | 4.85 | 6.90
37. Merlot   4.10 | 5.70 | 8.20
38. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 4.20 | 5.90 | 8.40
39. Tempranillo, Rioja   4.95 | 6.95 | 9.90


BUBBLES . . . The Froth of Life

1. Prosecco, Ca’del Console Veneto, Italy NV
Fresh and fruity, really easy drinking.
2. Rosé Spumante, Nebbiolo, Viticoltori Acquesi, Italy NV
Soft, sparkling pink fizz, a little bit fruity and oh so drinkable.  
4. Franciacorta Brut, Majolini, Italy NV
If Champagne were made in Italy - this is probably what it would taste like.  Full flavoured and elegant fizz from the fantastic boutique house of Majolini.
5. Bollinger Brut NV
An all time classic from one of the most revered houses of Champagne


WHITE . . . The Essentials

10.  Trebbiano, Villa Rossi, Rubicone, Emilia Romagna, Italy
An easy drinking Italian little number, white, fresh and dry, and just a little bit fruity!

12.  Verdejo, Azumbre, Rueda, Spain 2018
A classy little number from Spain. Dry, fruity and a little bit nutty.

13. Rioja Blanco, Finca Manzanos,  Spain
I have a soft spot for white Rioja, versatile and brilliant, dry and crisp, pretty good with everything really.

 14. Viognier, Vieilles Vignes, Pays D'Oc, France
Honeysuckle and apricot, a rich taste that is somehow still dry, tangy and refreshing.

15.  Pinot Grigio, Monte dei Roari, Veneto, Italy
A fabulously fresh Pinot Grigio. A little too drinkable?    


WHITE . . . Crisp, Fresh & Fruity

 16. Verdicchio Jesi Classico, Cimarelli, Italy
The seaside towns of the Marche have one of the greatest seafood wines on their doorstep in Verdicchio, something we like to replicate in Kibworth.

 17. Gavi di Gavi, Il Rocchin, Piemonte, Italy
From the cortese grape and a fabulous gavi, exactly as it should be

18. Snapper Rock Sauvignon Blanc, NZ
New Zealand Sauvignon at its best, bursting with vibrant ripe citrus fruit, just wonderful.

19. Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc, France
If any wine can transport you to the Côtes d’Azur, this is it.  Perfect with grilled fish and piercingly refreshing too.

 20. Pinot Grigio, Visintini, Friuli, Italy 2017
In place of our much loved Butussi, try this Visintini, as good if not better! Smooth fragrant fruit with a natural blush. Still one of our favourites.


WHITE . . . Something Out of the Ordinary

22.  Pecorino, Frentana, Marche, Italy
Pecorino? Yes, it is a cheese, and a sheep, but not in this case! It is a rather lovely, full flavoured wine made organically and named after the local vine called Pecorino. Something a bit special to be honest.

 23. Orballo Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain
A Spanish classic, fruity yet floral honied hints. Delish!

24. Greco di Tufo, Ferrante, Di Marzo, Italy
Ferrante was born to make Greco, his ancestors created Greco di Tufo. It is a unique wine which could be described as a white for red drinkers – dry and surprisingly full.

 25. Gewürztraminer, Reserve Cave de Hunawihr, France
A complex wine with bags of exotic fruit about it.  It is “off dry”, with a refreshing acidity with a lingering finish. Matches with spicy food really well

 26. Viognier, Ascheri, Langhe, Italy
Matteo wanted to achieve a great Piemonte white capable of ageing for many years and his success is remarkable.  The power, spice, intensity and fineness is pitch perfect, a very special wine.  

 27. Chablis 1er Cru, Beauroy, Burgundy
Chablis at its best, this is full flavoured, rich and buttery, c’est magnifique!

ROSÉ . . . A Little Something Pink

30. Ancora Rosato, Monferrato Chiaretto, Italy
A super, full fruit rosé. Rich in colour and yet a dry finish.

31. Pinot Grigio Rosé, La Voluta Grande, Italy
A light and delicate rosé with typical pinot grigio fruit but still fresh and dry.  


RED . . . The Essentials

35.  Sangiovese, Villa Rossi, Rubicone, Italy
A quaffable and easy-drinking red from Emilia Romagna. Medium bodied with a touch of blackcurrant and berry fruit.

 36. Red Boar, Bobal, Bodegas Gallegas, Spain
A bit of a curiosity from Spain is this red; aromas of deep red fruits and a little bit of nutmeg spice. The wine is soft, silky and well-balanced with ripe red fruit definitely one to try!   

37. Merlot, Tierra Del Rey, Central Valley, Chile
A perfect Chilean Merlot, ruby red, rich black cherry and plum, with yummy hints of dark chocolate.

 38. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Frentana, Italy
The great all-rounder, light plummy fruit, vibrant and full of fun.
bottle 22.50 | magnum 43.50

 39. Tempranillo, Finca Manzanos, Rioja, Spain
Ripe with black and red fruit, kind of chocolaty and spicy too.  


RED . . . Fresh & Light

 41. Bardolino Classico, Recchia ‘Poderi del Roccolo' Italy
Soft and easy cherry fruit, lovingly made, lifting it out of the ordinary.

42. Montsablé, Pinot Noir, Languedoc, France
Fresh and light red, perfect with fish, also lovely chilled


 RED . . . Elegant Classics

 43. Primitivo Salento, Boheme, Puglia, Italy
One of our faves, velvety, well-balanced with a depth of intense black forest and damson fruit. This wine really over-delivers.

45. Côtes du Rhône, Le Rêveur, Guillaume Gonnet, France
Rich, earthy fruit flavours from this classic region.

46.  Chianti Classico Riserva, Guidi, Toscana, Italy
An aristocratic, smooth riserva, aged for 2 years in oak – simply sublime.

47. Squinzano Riserva, Masseria del Gelso, Italy
Squinzano is home to some of the Salento’s greatest Negroamaro and this is an unreformed, huge powerful wine, made for red meats and strong cheeses. Also disturbingly enjoyable with no food at all!

48. Reserva Finca Manzanos Rioja Baja, Spain
A brilliant Rioja.  A round, intense and spicy wine

49. Les Gravesde Mahon-Laville, Bordeaux, France
An absolute class Bordeaux, dry tannins and bags of fruit


RED . . . Big & Busty

52. Ripasso del Valpolicella, San Michele, Italy
A ‘half-Amarone’, from the hills above Verona, complex and powerful rich red.

53.  Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Biscardo, Italy
Brilliant! Intense, complex and great structure. Black cherries and a little bit nutty.  

 54. Barolo, Brezza, Italy
Elegant and sophisticated with a bit of age, presents well.  


 60. Verduzzo Fior Di Mandorlo, Cormons
A deep amber moscato, rich in tropical fruits and honey
37.50 bottle | 6.25 125ml glass
61. Curatolo Marsala, Italy

Aromas of dried fruits, full and mellow with a typical pleasant sweet finish.
40.50 bottle | 6.75 125ml glass
62.  Recioto Di Soave, La Colombare, Pieropan, Veneto

A perfectly balanced pudding wine with just the right level of delicate sweetness.
39.00 bottle (50cl) | 9.75 125ml glass

 63. Niepoort ‘The Senior Tawny', Douro, Portugal
A golden amber tawny port, lovely with cheese or just because.
3.75 50ml glass | 7.75 125ml glass

 64.  Picolit, Butussi, Italy 2008
They call it meditation wine! Aged in small oak casks, intense golden yellow, velvety and persistent fruit.
35.00 bottle (50cl) | 8.75 125ml glass

Delaforce White Port
3.25 50ml glass | 6.75 125ml glass

Niepoort LBV Port
3.75 50ml glass | 7.75 125ml glass

An indulgent blend of fortified red wine and chocolate.
4.50 50ml glass | 9.50 125ml glass