Lighthouse Lovelies

At The Lighthouse we love to support local, independent businesses and specialist producers. 
Here are a few of our favourites.

Hambleton Bakery

I was first taken to Hambleton Hall when I was only 20 years old and I have loved it ever since.  Still now, all these years on, Lino and I love to go there for a special treat.  When the bakery was launched it seemed only natural that we would ask them to supply us.  Hambleton Bakery focuses its attention on top quality, traditionally made good bread, using unadulterated flours, salt and water and adopting the slow traditional method of production, using no preservatives or additives.

Hope Wines

Toby Hope has, like me, been in the trade most of his life, after all he is my brother!  His passion has taken him down the route of wine and all things alcoholic!!!  When he launched his wine company, of course we were going to buy from him, but I have to say he has earnt the position well, tirelessly seeking out the best products to add to our lists.  Like Ben and Emma, he sells to the public and has recently launched his shop, called Cheers, in beautiful uphill Lincoln (our home town).  His enthusiasm does not stop at wine, he stocks local beer; an outstanding array of gins; unusual, often locally sourced, liqueurs and much more... really worth a visit, but then I would say that!

Bat & Bottle

When Ben and Emma Robson first visited us here in Kibworth, their love for Italy and wine, and their general Bonkers Barmy Beautiful Charisma, made them not only friends but an obvious choice of supplier.  Ben has tirelessly guided us with our list planning and aided us in our selection process. They are quite simply brilliant at what they do, sourcing fabulous Italian Wines, spreading the love and knowledge with a verve and passion second to none! …..and yes, they do sell to the public as well as trade.

Label Anglais

Label Anglais farm and supply award winning British free range chickens which are grown to full maturity of 70-80 days using a slow growing breed of chicken, carefully selected to thrive outdoors.  They live for almost twice as long as commercial chickens which  gives them a longer and happier life of freedom out in the fields.  This  is reflected in the amazing eating quality of the birds. 

We're proud to use Label Anglais chickens in our kitchens believing that our faith in using the best/free range ingredients reflects in the dishes we prepare.

Claire Vickers Florist

Claire is so talented, she combines traditional training and a love for blooms inherited from her inimitable father, with a wonderful and stylish modern twist.  Her flowers lift our spirits and her style is enviable.  We are so happy that she looks after us so well.

Kingarth Farm Dairy

We are so happy to be working with Kingarth Farm, just around the corner in Burton Overy. Their happy pedigree cows graze in the fresh pastures of the village and  produce the most wonderful free range milk. Non-homogenised and pasteurised at low temperatures, their milk tastes so fresh and creamy, and helps to make perfect froths and foams for our delicious coffees.. almost zero food miles, beautiful milk,  part of our local food culture and aiding small local business growth too… it’s a win win!