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In our quest to keep it local . . . and these days I feel more and more impassioned when it comes to all things eco, pure and good . . . good for us and good for generations to come if we can reduce our carbon footprint.

So, how happy are we to be using the fabulous milk from Kingarth Dairy, just around the corner in Burton Overy. The Barbour family have farmed and milked cows in Burton Overy for over 100 years.

They say, “from grass to glass in three hours”, and it certainly seems that way, non-homogenised, super creamy and from beautiful, happy, pedigree Holstein cows, grazing in the fields just around the corner from our front doorstep. Happy cows mean happy milk and rather amazing cream too. Our Cappuccinos have never been so good . . . and our Floater Coffees have taken on a whole new level of delicious indulgence . . . sorry to the skinny lovers, but this is really too good to miss. The pasteurisation process is extended and at lower temperatures the good bacteria in the milk is retained and therefore is a more healthy option, even if it’s not semi-skimmed!

The benefits are also apparent in the cooking, Carbonara and Panna Cotta are a must with the improved quality of our dairy products. We love supporting our local community especially when the benefits to our food are so apparent too!

Come and see for yourself, but take a detour through the fields and say hello to the Happy Cows at Kingarth Dairy too!

A presto

Sarah x

Grigio Wars!


At Boboli and The Lighthouse we have created something of an obsession for a better than average Pinot Grigio. There is a loyal following for our much loved Butussi Pinot Grigio, not doctored with additives, nor mixed with red grapes, simply left on the skins for a while longer to take on the natural copper hue of the sun-kissed grapes.

We were once named as the Best Wine List in Leicestershire and Rutland, listing classy Italian wines and an outstanding show of the diversity of Italy’s viniculture! The Butussi would have been very much at home on that list.

So, I’m sorry to tell you that the Butussi has been taken off our lists and has been replaced by the new Visintini Pinot Grigio. Lesser known locally here in Kibworth but a well respected grower none the less. It really is a very elegant wine  and we believe a worthy replacement. We trust our loyal Pinot Grigio enthusiasts will not be disappointed!