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Crème de cassis… a Right Royally British Version!

Kir Royale? Don’t mind if I do!!!!

But, hold up, why does it need be French?

In a time when we are so concerned about keeping it local and reducing our carbon footprints, we have endeavoured, even whilst embracing our equally important Italian heritage, to source more local produce where we can.

White Heron Cassis is the fine produce of a farm nestled in the rolling hills of Herefordshire and there you will find a tiny blackcurrant, rarely seen and little known. Carefully harvested under the summer sun, fermented with champagne yeast and blended with a tiny touch of vodka and a little sugar, they are making a rich, fruity and divine cassis . . . a British Cassis if you please!

The Whittern Estate is an historic farm with a passion for the contemporary as well as their time‑honoured traditions, in fact, 140 years of passion.  The farm has grown from traditional arable farming into the more careful cultivation of the blackcurrants that are transformed into the uniquely sultry flavour profile of British Cassis.

Whittern derives its name from the White Ern, or White Heron . . . hence the name of the cassis.  These iconic birds, otherwise known as white egrets, used to breed at The Whittern.  Unfortunately, they are now a scarcity and rarely seen in the area, but they are something of a symbol of the natural environment that the blackcurrants are grown in, so it seemed fitting for them to name their company and their cassis after these elegant and sophisticated creatures.

For us?  It makes a mighty fine Kir or Kir Royale . . . and it’s terribly good in a summer berry compote too . . . also, delicious with Panna Cotta!  And we get to support a like-minded and family run farm, not so local to Kibworth, but of our green and pleasant land

 Ciao for now!

Sarah x


Q4  What’s the difference between Kir and Kir Royale?

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is the Best Restaurant of them All?

As The Good Food Guide launches it’s search for the Best Local Restaurant 2019, and chefs are set to flex their culinary muscles, I can’t help but wonder who decides and how they decide, or even how we decide who is the best restaurant.

In today’s culture we are all encouraged to be critics and the bitter truth is that critics thrive on the negative, it’s so much more fun to write and to read!

But what is it that the restaurateur seeks? Do we chase the stars and hanker after the accolades that may be bestowed upon us by the critics and the guides, or do we keep our heads down, focus on the quality, look after our customers and hope that the rest will follow?

We restaurateurs love to receive praise and recognition for our efforts but who knows the criteria that earns us the title of the Best!

Best Italian? Best Indian? Best Chinese? Best Seafood? In Kibworth, Market Harborough, Leicester or anywhere?

Is it about well-informed service with a smile, the well-researched wine list or the carefully planned menus featuring firm favourites as well as the extraordinary and creative?

Perhaps a combo of all of the above.

Of the guides and critics, we could wax lyrical for hours, but it is really the approval of our customers we most seek. Your recommendations are what really make the difference; it’s not about jumping through hoops to please the powers that be, but pleasing you, the diner, who lives down the road, and visits because you want to, because you like what we do.

The truth will out when the results are published, in the meantime we promise to do our best to be the best we can be to you and yours when you visit.

You can get involved in the selection process here.

A presto,

Sarah x

Posted on March 6, 2019 .

Culinary Adventures at The Lighthouse

Our first week and things are pretty hectic, Lino and the team are serving up some seriously tasty coastal treats, the new and exciting wine list is going down a storm, and the Lighthouse is really buzzing. It's all about being more relaxed, getting stuck in and enjoying a new experience. It's food from our hearts, and we're thrilled to see so many of you loving it.

The menu is a little different, rather than starters we have Nibbles, choose a few to share (choose four, and you'll get an extra one on the Lighthouse). Try the spiced whitebait with lemon mayonnaise, sublimely crispy little tastes of the sea, served with a generous pot of lemon mayonnaise for dipping. The Hambleton breads and grissini are addictive and you'll soon see why Hambleton Bakery has won awards, wonderful. The menu features a number of family favourites, including the Lighthouse Fish & Chips; amazingly fresh fish with a light, fluffy batter and served with homemade mushy peas and tartar sauce, a Lighthouse classic in the making.

The wine list has been carefully selected to work beautifully with fish; try the exceptional Picpoul de Pinet from France, it's perfect with the succulent griddled tiger prawns. You'll also find plenty of choice to compliment the meat too, try the Montelpulciano from Italy with the fillet steak, black pepper sauce and chips, divine.

And then, of course there's the indulgent desserts, all packed with flavour. The apple and pear crumble has a wonderful caramel quality about it, and comes with plenty of homemade custard to pour over, yum. The Cheeseboard, a perfect collection of British cheeses, including Colston Bassett Stilton, Lincolnshire Poacher, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Cornish Yarg and a few other exceptional choices. A nice helping of homemade chutney and more of the Hambleton breads make the cheeseboard unmissable.

Exciting times, and we're loving it, we hope you will too.

Posted on January 17, 2013 .