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Have we Bean Had!!!!

There is so much information around about coffee, some myth, some fact, some basic, some ridiculously elaborate. Recently I read of the new thing, a “cafelier” ( a sommelier for coffee making apparently?) and of a London café where a particular coffee from Yemen costs £15 a cup (their straightforward cappuccino was £5!)

The hilarious ads for various brands taking the rip out of the overcomplicated coffee offerings when all you want is a good cup of coffee have a point to be honest and we at Boboli and The Lighthouse are guilty of indulging our fancies whilst trying to please the ever changing coffee culture around us... recently  we introduced the Marocchino, a speciality in the bars at home in Dalmine; chocolate hazelnut spread around the inside of the vessel, super crema espresso, a dollop of milky foam and crunched up meringues and chocolate flakes on top… well why not!

And Affogato is a real fave with our regulars, a scoop of ice cream, a shot of espresso and biscotti to finish it off!

We are currently enjoying working with St Martin’s Coffee Roasters, who roast and mix their coffee beans in Leicester, and we love the Magpie blend, which has a touch of Italy about it and altogether hits the caffeine spot when it’s needed.

Personally, as with wine and gin, (more about those another time) I would rather not have a bad coffee, I never drink instant. Oh and I never drink alcohol free wine either.. it’s all a question of taste and we rather hope that our offering will suit your taste, and promise not to get carried away with extravagant contributions from across the seas, particularly Yemen!

 A presto!

Sarah x

Posted on March 22, 2019 .