Some of our favourite foods . . .

This year sees us Polis hitting our 20th anniversary . . .20 years since we opened the doors at 9 Station Street and 12 since we opened at 88 Main Street!!

Favourite dishes have come and gone, but there are some that have remained firmly on the menu over the years . . .

From Firenze followers there was always a clamouring for our home-made pastas.  In particular, I recall the spinach and ricotta “Raviolo”, one big ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta with a perfect, softly cooked egg yolk perched in the middle that kinda flooded out as you cut through the delicious fresh pasta . . . heavenly!

Similar interpretations have made their way on Boboli’s menu . . . Rotoli, rolled pasta sheets stuffed with spinach and ricotta; Crespelle, pancakes, which take the same stuffing very well; and recently the large pasta shells have become a new vehicle too . . . all very Italian and delicious.

Our, now popular, Lasagne della Nonna had a shaky start when we first launched Boboli, (the Nonna bit is a thin layer of cooked ham added to the pasta layers . . . an inspirational addition by Lino’s Mumma) but now it is top of the pops, so much so that we can hardly keep up with it!!

And of course, our Pizzas, striking gold on a regular basis too.  The dough is made every day from scratch with the fabulous Sharpham Park spelt flour and the variety of toppings will keep everyone satisfied.

Our lovely little “pick me up” Tiramisu, (that’s the exact translation by the way!!) has never been removed from the menu either!

 At The Lighthouse, we have enjoyed such encouraging responses to many of our dishes that we have found a fairly regular pattern to our menus here as well.

Scallops and Prawns always feature with a stunning garnish of the season; Fish (always haddock) and Chips, batter made with Langton Breweries beer from up the road, and the Smoked Haddock and Spinach Cheese Soufflé are both without doubt the most popular dishes on the menu.  We’ve dared to change the accompaniment with the Soufflé once or twice, but honestly, why change it when it is so universally loved.  We often drop the haddock and add some extra greens to make it veggie friendly too!

Ciao for now!

Sarah x

20th Anniversary Quiz

Question 1: What do you think has been the most permanent feature on all our menus over the past 20 years?

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