Gin . . . where to begin with gin!!

The gin phenomenon has taken us all by storm . . . in our trade, drinks are just as influenced by modern trends and fashion as food . . . so where did it all begin?

Many believe Gin to be a thoroughly British liquor . . . but it’s a kinda combo of efforts, like all good things, don’t you think?

In the 11th Century some lovely Italian Monks are believed to have been the first to use the all important Juniper berries as a flavouring in their distillations.  But then it is finally thought to have been in Holland in 1550 that the spirit we now know as Gin was first distilled for medicinal purposes.  The English got hold of it whilst fighting the Spanish and were said to take a dram of “Dutch Courage” to calm their nerves and warm them up before going into battle.

Meanwhile some 600 years on, the sheer number of different types of gin available is mind-boggling . . . the driest of London Drys, the most aromatic of Botanicals and the truly Citrusy Mediterraneans, never mind the Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberry and Vanilla, Violet, Rose Petal and even Liquorice varietals are on offer.

We have tried to keep it local and the fabulous Two Birds from Market Harborough is our brand. But we cannot resist the Italian Malfy range and more recently have taken on Toby’s Moonshine.  Toby is my brother, who has a rather fabulous wine and booze shop, Cheers, on Steep Hill in Lincoln next door to my Mum’s pub, The Wig and Mitre . . . yes, we are keeping it in the family!!!  

Anyway, back to his Moonshine: he distils it from scratch, that is, it starts life as water, which he distils with his mash and creates the alcohol base, which he then distils on further with his own blend of aromatics, coriander, juniper and citrus to produce the final product . . . what a clever chap he is, for it is delish!!

I guess the question is what will happen when the next new thing catches on, will it be Rum tum tum?? But for now, gin, this time-honoured classic, is enjoying the revolution and we are happy to oblige!

And yes, we have also embraced the rather clever Fever Tree mixers . . . our tipples lists are really worth a look and even a sample!

 Ciao for now,

 Sarah x

Posted on April 26, 2019 .