We are so proud to use the best that we can in all of our lovely cooking, serving the best we can in our great Kibworth Restaurants . . . and chicken is no exception. 

Label Anglais was born in 2001 in Essex by Chris Fredericks, who set out to reproduce a British version of the French Label Rouge Chicken. The emphasis was on high welfare, slow reared, cornfed chickens.

Fifteen years later, the Adlington family took on the mantle and their passion for high-care rearing standards means that the Label Anglais brand is safe.  The chickens are slow-bred, reared outdoors in small groups and have free access to large grassy areas, they enjoy a 100 % plant-based diet, free from artificial supplements, sugars and other additives, and live a free-range life, scratching around their fields.

The result of this high-care philosophy is remarkable and reflects in the cooking.  In today’s modern culture of accountability, environmental issues, carbon footprints and animal welfare, we are happy to sit with some of the best in Britain, serving the best we can to our customers.

A presto,

Sarah x

Posted on April 18, 2019 .